Jewelry is such a personal item. People wear jewelry day in and day out! It becomes a part of who they are. The meaning behind a piece of jewelry can be so important and often far more valuable than the… Continue reading

beretoni reduced image.What Wind Shall I?
Which way thus blow?
The way I go. This way, or that? Swaying still.
All that you will. This it may, or this it not? Any which way?
A simple turn, A fluttering knot! A storm… Continue reading

Start your day by accepting yourself! Secondly, accept others for who they are! In the end we’d all have such happiness around us! No expectations and no disappointments, because we accepted ourselves and others just as we are! Expectations are… Continue reading

My last creation of a ten hour art session I call my art jam.

I have been working on a number of new mixed media pieces that reflect light as part of the essence within them. I have used light as one of my themes over the years and it reoccurs and always seems… Continue reading

One of my favorite stones

One of my favorite stones

As my addiction to stones began as a child it has never ended. In addition to my father’s influence with introducing me to the caves upstate and wearing cuff links with wonderful stones in them,… Continue reading

R166.TE.SMy love for stones started when I was a child. My father used to wear various kinds of cuff links. My favorite ones were the tiger’s eye! The chatoyancy or movement in them was fascinating to me. I would stare… Continue reading

Deeper Vision by Rachel Bertoni Mixed MediaInspiration is a funny thing!  It is hard to keep, hard to establish and yet it surrounds us everywhere.  The only thing I can say is to follow your heart and soul.  Follow the things that you… Continue reading