Next class is May 4th 10-4 Class can be scheduled as needed and requested.

Its a funny thing when you teach.  Even though you have been making jewelry for years, when you teach jewelry making you still learn something almost every time.  I recently had a private lesson with another jewelry designer who wanted some tips and tricks to expand her jewelry collection.  In the process of teaching her, I found that I learned aspects of jewelry making that I may have overlooked or haven’t visited in quite some time. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge of jewelry with others.

While teaching I often come across a question that forces me to dig deep and often expand my own ways of thinking about jewelry and jewelry making, leading me to the endless thrill and the joy of teaching jewelry making. I am always learning while I teach. That is the amazing give and take of sharing with others.  I enjoy the exchange that happens between teacher and student and love that I am able to continue both teaching and jewelry making.  Jewelry making gives me great joy! In turn my students and customers are happy. What in truth, is better than that? Happiness breeds happiness!! Thank you to my customers and my students who keep me in the happy zone!!