Jewelry Care

Give Your Jewelry a Little TLC!
With handmade jewelry, as well as all of your jewelry collection, you should take certain measures to ensure a long life for your collection.

~*~ Recommendation and care for your jewels… ~*~

  • Keep jewelry stored in jewelry case or box. Stop by Bertoni Jewelry today ask for your free “Storage Pouch”.
  • Separate certain smaller or delicate pieces from the larger, heavier pieces, to prevent them from damage while storing.
  • Keep silver away from light and air, since these accelerate tarnishing. Store in sealed air tight bags or boxes.
  • Keep jewelry away from light and heating vents to prevent fading and tarnishing.
  • Do NOT spray perfume or hairspray on jewelry, especially pearls and porous stones like turquoise. Use products first then put jewelry on last.
  • Keep jewelry away from harsh chemicals and solutions that can stain or damage jewelry while cleaning, swimming, gardening, cooking, etc.
  • Take jewelry off before working out.
  • When removing your jewelry, put them in a safe place (ie: dish, box, pouch, etc.) Beware of taking your jewelry off over open toilets, drains or vents. You might risk losing that favorite ring or earrings for good.
  • Do NOT wear jewelry to the beach! Many small items can be lost in the sand or water, never to be seen again!
  • Take jewelry off before showers and before bedtime to prevent damage.
  • Store beads and pearl necklaces flat to prevent stretching.
  • Many beaded items, including pearls on silk, should be restrung periodically depending on the frequency of use and type of string. Silk can wear out within a few years.
  • Check your valued pieces for loose parts or broken pieces that need repair before item is lost or permanently damaged.
  • Keep opals away from intense strong lighting, or extreme changes in temperatures. Never go from really hot to really cold or vise versa when wearing opals. The opal stone has water inside it that may crack under these conditions.