You are so so sweet. I wasn’t in a hurry at all. I know you’re busy, but  when I went to the mailbox and saw your package, I was like a kid in a candy store and to top it off you were so kind to enclose a gift for me. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I’ll be ordering some of your beautiful jewelry soon. Have a great weekend

Delighted Customer

Barbara, CA

Rachel’s in-person workshop gave me a hands-on experience and innovative vision of how and what’s needed to push myself beyond my current level of jewelry making and design.and I left there eager to pair my new found skills and techniques, back with my increased creativity.  Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your expertise and working alongside me so patiently. It was a true pleasure to be in your company and learn from definitely one of the best!! Looking forward to the next one!! See what’s next for me at @iam_wornout

Thank you for sharing you expertise!

student - Cappi

I have been wearing Rachel Bertoni jewelry since the 1980’s. Her designs are spectacular and the custom service she offers is second to none. Whenever I visit her store she gives you all the time you need to choose a piece in her collection or design something new. I trust her opinion and her jewelry is top of the line. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else to purchase a gift or choose something for myself. I am a big fan!!!

Anna from NJ

I received the earrings, thanks. They’re just as lovely as the first pair and I hope my daughter-in-law enjoys wearing them as much as I do.

Barbara from NY

The bracelets arrived in yesterday’s mail and I love them. I put them on and haven’t taken them off. Right now I’m only wearing the two new ones. I’ll save the armload for when I’m out and about.

Debbie from NJ

Rachel Bertoni and me became friends in high school during art class. We never competed, just enjoyed each others work. I credit myself with being the artist who has known her the longest and her evolution leaves me mesmerized. WOW! Super Star Quality. If I were a female I’d go broke buying her collection.

Steven Moore

Bertoni Jewelry makes me feel like each piece I have selected was handcrafted for my soul. Rachel’s hand crafted jewelry has its own organic flow. This is not a job this is her passion. You can see that in every piece. Her unique style not only comes out through her craftsmanship, but also in her selection of other artists and the vintage jewelry collections she carries and displays at her gallery.

Sam S. from NY

The ring is just lovely, Rachel, thank you so much. I like the stone. It’s a real “twin” ring — makes me chuckle as we haven’t worn twin outfits since maybe junior high school. But it’s strangely satisfying. And the size is good — it’s larger than mine but still fits my finger. Perfect. I sent it off today.  It has been an utter pleasure working with you on both rings. If I can think of any further project I will certainly be in touch!


We were absolutely over-joyed with the rings that you made for us and receive many compliments to the design and meaning behind the rings. Juls and I Thank You So Very Much for what you have done and Really Appreciated All the work you put into them. It is hard to believe that it has been 10 months, as husband and wife, has gone by and Juls has done a TERRIFIC job of putting up with me ;-);-);-);-) so far. Sooooo, once again, Thank You for such a Beautiful set of Rings.

J&R from Ohio

Rachel, you made me a ring that I wear, oh, 5 days out of 7. My twin and I are soon to celebrate our 70th birthday. I would like to get her a “matching” one for her birthday.

Margaret from NJ

Bertoni Jewelry Designs has a great selection of custom jewelry as well as one of the most creative jewelers behind the scenes. Rachel has the one of the most creative eye and skills to create unique and timeless pieces that you will wear always.

Megan from California

I received my favorite pair of earrings from Bertoni Gallery. They are so special to me because they are one of a kind and something I wouldn’t be able to find at a regular retail store! I enjoy shopping at Bertoni Gallery for those special gifts for loved ones.

Kara from NY

I woke up this morning and found that I had fallen asleep with all my jewelry on. During the night, I found jewelry was thrown under the pillow, on the dresser and all over the floor, but the only pieces that didn’t leave my body was my Bertoni jewelry. They are so comfortable, you don’t even know they are there.

Marie Greaves

When I wear Bertoni Jewelry, I know that my jewelry is going to be a striking addition to my ensemble. I know that none else will have even something similar to what I would be wearing.

Michelle White

Rachel’s jewelry is distinctive and well made. I love visiting often to see the variety of jewelry and the fabulous art work on display at Bertoni Gallery.

Pat L from Manhattan

I love wearing my three “Morning Dew” bracelets! I think of them as wearable works of sculpture. They are comfortable and gorgeous, and I get loads of compliments. My daughter liked them so much – and she rarely wears jewelry – that she asked for a set for her birthday.

Deborah M from Newton NJ

Ring is so great! Loved it. Sent it aboard already. Thanks so much. Love your work, appreciate the note and all!! Thank you so much, once again!!!


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my ring. It was instantly comfortable, perfect!

Nancy from NY