Rachel Bertoni

   Rachel Bertoni has been creating jewelry for over 30 years working with silver and gold, semi-precious and precious stones in her distinctive handmade jewelry items. Her jewelry has been featured in TV, Magazines such as Chronogram, National Jeweler, Orange and Promenade. Jennifer Lopez wore her jewelry in the movie “The Back Up Plan” and 2015’s “Helicopter Mom,” featured several actors wearing Bertoni Jewelry including Nia Vardalos, Skyler Samuels, and Mark Boone, Jr.

  Throughout the Northeast, Bertoni’s work has traveled to craft fairs, exhibitions, galleries and various boutiques. Rachel has worked for some of America’s largest gold manufacturers that use the lost wax casting technique to make their jewelry. She has been a professional wax carver for years. Her recent branch collection is based on nature and is very comfortable to wear. Her designs have won awards including the World Gold Council top trend designs. She creates her jewelry by hand in Sugar Loaf, New York, USA.


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