Located in the charming town of Warwick, NY, Rachel Bertoni specializes in American made jewelry in a diverse array of metals accented with precious and semi-precious stones, including colored diamonds. The wire and sheet metal designs are hand fabricated individually.  All pieces are handmade, therefore you will find variations; Making your piece, individual and special.


Artist Statement
Rachel Bertoni

Movement is always the starting point for my artwork. In life, movement is at the core of most development. We start life as movement from one being to another forming the beginning of life itself. As we develop and move through our existence on the earth we create a life path or evolution through time.

Evolution is evident both in the process as well as my concepts. We evolve as humans throughout our existence on this earth and the process that I use evolves with time as well. Images I’ve collected over a lifetime are used to combine, blend and blur the essence of time and space.

Layered thoughts and images are used to create a dreamlike quality allowing multiple interpretations within the conceptual surreal imagery.

Blending the lines between opposite forces can be a strong element in any given image. I try to bring about the idea of no distinction between heaven and earth or black and white, but more the sense of infinitive aspects of gray or truly what is in between what we perceive to be opposites. There are so many aspects of gray within the realm of thought.





World Gold Council bracelet photo cropped


5 N833S 18K Opal and Blue Diamonds