Universal Goddess


Black, white and shades of gray, Proudly, representing all.

They’ve said she’s small, I say she’s tall.

Sharing and caring, truly human that’s all!

Moments of love, her belly’s a glow,

A star is born, with sparkling eyes.

A vessel of love, the core of life, Is she your wife?

The whole of us, is all of her, fragile is she, a garden of life.

Seedlings are growing, the air is flowing.

With strength and courage, every breath she takes,

Denying herself, as only the queen awakes.

Nurturing and feeding, with tireless bravery,

The almighty nature goddess, I scream!

As if it’s a dream, she fosters ours, that will, that want, that protects us all.

Overcoming her struggles, she continues her juggle.

Arms extending, way beyond reach, she’ll never breach!

As the light of Intuition and kindness shines thru the eternal goddess.

A magical hand flies, as tears of joy abound!

Gathering us all, moments on call, as her wings wrap round.

In her vastness of giving, there is boundless embracing.

Her endless spirit and powerful quest is here,

The ultimate goddess is near!                                                                                    

Standing strong, right beside you!

A mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and many more!

Celebrate the star, Let’s honor her,

For without her, we are mere! For all, I thank you, my dear,


By Rachel Bertoni