What wind shall I

beretoni reduced image.What Wind Shall I?
Which way thus blow?
The way I go. This way, or that? Swaying still.
All that you will. This it may, or this it not? Any which way?
A simple turn, A fluttering knot! A storm says she? Pounding winds. Sprinkling rain.
How dear, does one knowyth the balance within? As eyes swirl, ending not. What wind shall I? Whipping round, speeding er more. Beckoning shadows of the storm? As eye turn,
a whispering wind? Never knowing how? What wind shall I? Stop said he? Torn apart, now as one. Where nature ends and we begin? The wind contends. Start as you will, become one as you shall. Spreading at will. My arm’s the branch, extensions they are,
reaching answers yet? Spread as you will, the wings of time. As feathers fly, what wind shall I? Feathered hair, eyes see thru, my lashes round. As stars brighten and sparkle
they may, forces they do abound. My hair becomes flight! Growing at will, from blades of grass below, From out of the wind becomes sight, our breath deepens more.
From now till then, together we twirl. Spinning round,
a whirlwind becomes, the world unknown?
What wind shall I?
By Rachel Bertoni