What does it mean to be creative?

star gazierThat’s a large question but for me it means the ability to let the mind wander into the unknown.  To allow thoughts, images, words, colors, sounds and all sorts of elements combine to form a new creation of some kind. Sometimes I feel like I have a waterfall of ideas. I can’t catch enough of them before the water passes and I get a new one.  I’m not really sure if that’s the creative process, inspiration, or just plain crazy!  I don’t know but I sure do enjoy the process and try every day to get to do something that is creative in some way!  Something new, something I hadn’t seen before, heard before or just free thinking that sometimes leads to lots of new ideas in one way or the other.  If I could only harness some of these thoughts and make them as fast as I could think about them I’d be very productive.  The waterfall is flowing and there seems to be no end to the ideas and the flow.  How does it stop, where does it go, will it ever come back?  Can I revisit it with the same enthusiasm or is it really just of that moment? Which ones do I follow?  Which one is the move important?  Decisions, decisions? I am wondering if anyone questions these things as well?  What do you think about creativity.  Do you have it always?  Does it come and go?