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Stone Heaven

I’m getting ready to attend a jewelry and stone trade show next week. Let’s see what stones I will discover. I always find it inspirational to look at all the “candy” meaning the collections of colorful stones that mother nature has given to us! I am constantly amazed by how many different varieties are out there. I’m curious to see…

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Inspiration is a funny thing!  It is hard to keep, hard to establish and yet it surrounds us everywhere.  The only thing I can say is to follow your heart and soul.  Follow the things that you love!  I have always been inspired by nature.  I think it is the true element of our existence.  I can look at a…

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Morning Dew

Dew that forms on the trees each morn, a circle has formed. A flowing branch, a woven tree; there sits the brightest of stars. A sparkle among the very best, remembers the moment, of your quest. Budding yet, to adorn; beyond the rest, ‘Tis the morn, you were born. by Rachel Bertoni

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