Deeper Vision by Rachel Bertoni Mixed MediaInspiration is a funny thing!  It is hard to keep, hard to establish and yet it surrounds us everywhere.  The only thing I can say is to follow your heart and soul.  Follow the things that you love!  I have always been inspired by nature.  I think it is the true element of our existence.  I can look at a beautiful sunset and get inspiration.  I can see the clouds and want to capture something I’ve seen and try to interpret it through the artists mind!  Whether I’m working on collage, sculpture or jewelry I always seem to be thinking about something in nature.  I’m always trying to connect myself to something out there!
Often, my aim is to capture a few of nature’s elements.  It could be a ray of sunshine, babbling brook, a reflection in an icicle.  I’m always inspired by things that just seem to happen in a one given moment.  Then I try to interpret that concept into something concrete.  It could be an interesting branch that becomes a ring.  It could be a sunset that becomes a pastel.  It is usually of the moment that I try to save and transform it into a new creation of somekind!
If you look around yourself and place yourself in surroundings you enjoy, I believe you can get inspired.  Sometimes just looking at beautiful stones will inspire a new jewelry design.  I could look at a magazine and see an interesting shape or image of an eyeball that will be the beginning of an interesting collage!  If you open your eyes, ears, and mind to the world around us, you can find inspiration anywhere!
Being an artist seems to allow me to see beauty and inspiration in anything including garbage.  As a matter of fact I have found items that someone threw away and found inspiration and a way to transform it into something else that others will find beautiful and actually want to pay to have. A classic example of one persons trash is another persons treasures. Sometimes you just have to look at things from a new perspective.  Try something new.  Take a class that opens your mind to something different! If it isn’t fine art or craft, it could be music, a new recipe or a young newborn baby that has the whole world ahead of them!  Find what you think is awesome and do something with it.  Carve it, develop it, paint it, sing it, change it, recycle it but keep your inspiration as a fire that keeps you getting up each morning! Happy hunting for the inspiration that is all around us!  It is a fun search!