Well I’ve been thinking that focusing on my creative projects seems to be getting harder and harder to do.  Why is that?  Well It seems the more I am able to sell my creations the more I have to create but then again when you start growing a business, the business needs tending to as well.  I find myself doing so many other things that interrupt the creative flow.  I am answering emails, trying to plan an advertising campaign, planning the next years goals, paying bills and all sorts of things that have to do with the business end of things and not the creative end. I”m torn between what takes priority. Carving out time for the creative process while building a business has become my new struggle.  Originally I had time to create but not as much sales. Now with the growing business comes new challenges.  How can I focus on my creative projects?  What is the most important thing in today’s world of social media?  Do I really need to be posting every day?  OMG, pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter and who knows how many new ones there are.  If I wasn’t A.D.D. before, I think I’m becoming A.D.D. with all the juggling back and forth between business needs and finishing my creative projects.  Never mind trying to have a social life in the middle of all this. Starting one thing and being pulled away constantly. All I really want to do is create!

When I first had the opportunity to live and work in the same space, I was thrilled.  Now I’m pulled in a million different directions moment to moment and day to day owning a retail store.  I’m thinking of finding a place outside my house/store to see if I can get some solid creative work time in another environment outside the live work space I’m current occupying.  What do you think?