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Jewelry is such a personal item. People wear jewelry day in and day out! It becomes a part of who they are. The meaning behind a piece of jewelry can be so important and often far more valuable than the… Continue reading

One of my favorite stones

One of my favorite stones

As my addiction to stones began as a child it has never ended. In addition to my father’s influence with introducing me to the caves upstate and wearing cuff links with wonderful stones in them,… Continue reading

Ever wonder where the idea for Rachel’s creation of the vine cross came from? Well, Rachel Bertoni has designed a collection of jewelry based on nature. “My aim is to capture a moment. One that inspires people to think of… Continue reading

Congratulations to Bertoni Designs

I am delighted to officially inform you that your pieces made it into the esteemed World Gold Council juried collection of new gold jewelry designs, as edited by a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts.

Your… Continue reading