My Love for Stones

R166.TE.SMy love for stones started when I was a child. My father used to wear various kinds of cuff links. My favorite ones were the tiger’s eye! The chatoyancy or movement in them was fascinating to me. I would stare at them for quite some time. Gazing at the stones movement would almost mesmerize me into a dream like state. I think I still love that about many semiprecious stones. Tiger’s eye, moonstone, boulder opal all have the unique quality.  You can never appreciate tiger’s eye in a photo.  It must be scene in person to experience the movement or chatoyancy!
As I got a little older my father introduced me to the caves upstate. He would take me for a ride out of the NYC and we would go on the tours of the quartz caves. I think I was hooked then. We would go and see the natural growing state of the quartz and various crystals underground and it also reminder me of a wonderland. A very different place than the everyday streets of Brooklyn. I think that is where my love for stones began.  I also started my first stone collection at the gift shop when we went on our cave tour!  This was a way to take home a little bit of the wonderment I experienced on the tour!  My stone addition  began!