Is creativity a blessing or a curse?

Most of the time I feel that creativity is a blessing.  I feel lucky that I have the ability to create most of the time, anytime I want.  Except when I’m in a pool or a hot tub!  Sometimes I’m relaxing and then I get a flurry of creative ideas and I have no way of holding on to or remembering all of the ideas that are bombarding my brain.  I’d like to have a waterproof pencil and paper near the pool so I could write them down as they are flowing.  When I”m on a creative roll the thoughts come in multiples and I have a hard time retaining all of them.  I can only hope the important ones will survive and thrive.
The curse part is that sometimes I’m so driven that I don’t want to stop to eat or sleep or do the things that other people do on a daily basis.  It just becomes an interruption to stop the creative process for any reason.  In addition, the curse is making up my mind on which project to work on next., or what a particular project needs to be finalized.  I have so many unfinished projects because nothing seemed right at the moment and I abandon the project until I find the right element to finalize it. I think every element in a jewelry design or collage that goes into a piece seems very important to me so if it isn’t right I put it aside until I find that just right element.  As a result I have hundreds of unfinished creations around!  I guess that isn’t the worse thing that could happen!  I am going to try to finalize several projects in January though.  Let’s see how many I can accomplish!