Start your day by accepting yourself! Secondly, accept others for who they are! In the end we’d all have such happiness around us! No expectations and no disappointments, because we accepted ourselves and others just as we are! Expectations are funny aren’t they? It seems often people believe that you have to do certain things at certain times, in a certain way, just because they believe you should! Well sometimes that doesn’t always work out since not everyone has the same thoughts, possibilities, time schedule or availability. It is a shame that so many people seem to have these expectations that only lead to disappointment. Just be and let be! If things happen, and the time is right, they happen for a reason. If you can’t attend an event, oh well, you’ll have to try again next time. Just don’t be disappointed your friend couldn’t make it that day. Maybe they had something they needed to do! Maybe they had commitments beyond their control! Maybe their life didn’t allow them to be there even though they may have wished they could. It really isn’t a personal thing, it’s just the way things often happen! Not everyone can be everywhere all the time. Be happy when they are with you, when they can! Acceptance means being happy with yourself and others just the way they are! Accept yourself each and every day and maybe in the end you will accept others as well! Hope you are having a wonderful day of acceptance of yourself and others!